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Editorial: The Lady Chiefs and Lent

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by J.R. “Randy” Stelly, owner and publisher of The Real Views

The Real Views would like to congratulate the Natchitoches Central High School Lady Chiefs basketball team on winning the 5A State title. They worked hard and earned the title. Now, let’s see if we can make Natchitoches Central number one in academics. The Natchitoches Times did an excellent job covering the championship series.

During Lent this year, I have found myself contemplating the traditions of my parents during this time of year. Many Christians are taught to not eat meat on Fridays and to give something up (such as smoking, candy, coffee, etc.) during the forty days of Lent. At this time of year I also find myself planting the spring garden and doing the spring yard work.

Taking time out to think inwardly about the most important aspect of the Christian Faith – that Christ was willing to die for all our sins and to prove that there is life after death by rising on the third day and ascending into Heaven-  it seems trivial to think that the act of giving up a favorite soft drink would be equivalent to the suffering that Jesus went through but I think the lesson being taught is that sometimes we have to sacrifice our own personal needs and wants to achieve a greater goal.

Similarly, we cultivate the soil, plant a seed and water our gardens so that one day we can enjoy the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that a home garden can give. But it takes time for the garden to grow. The garden needs to be weeded and protected from insects and vermin that would do  it harm.

So, congratulations again to the Lady Chiefs for the sacrifices they made over these last few months to achieve the goal of being a champion.

What are you willing to give up and how hard are you willing to work to achieve your goals? Today is the best day to start working on making your dreams come true.

The Natchitoches Central Lady Chiefs won the 5A basketball state championship by defeating the Southwood Lady Cowboys at the University Center in Hammond. On front row from left are Kaelyn Guerin, Victoria Rachal, Brandy Broome, Darnisha Hamilton and Jolie Bellow. On back row are Samantha LaCour, Talisa Boyd, Gabbie Bellow and Daquita Pye. Not pictured are Toniesha Rainey, Kelsey Coutee, Raven Winslow, Shetoni Toussaint, Alexis Turner and Shaterrica Demars.

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March 20, 2010 at 1:02 am

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