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Boys and Girls Club of El Camino Real to host “Steak and Burger Dinner”

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The Boys and Girls Club of El Camino Real will host the 12th annual “Steak and Burger” fundraiser April 29 at the Martin Luther King Center on 660 MLK Drive at 6:30 p.m.

About Steak & Burger

Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál started an annual tradition back in the late 90’s entitled “Steak & Burger.” This fundraising event was created to support programs and services offered at all clubsites. The main premise behind the title is that children will be feasting on what is usually their first steak dinner while our donors dine on a deliciously prepared gourmet hamburger. Plate swapping is always acceptable!

Our services

Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál has committed to providing youth ages 6 to 18 with a tangible measure of hope. We offer the children lessons of leadership, guidance, and direction that is so often lacking in their lives. Our trained professional staff members respect and listen to the Club members we serve. We provide a safe environment where children can have fun and be themselves. Our activities are structured and interesting…channeling a child’s youthful energy into challenging pursuits.


Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál operates by means of the generosity and kindness of individuals and businesses who support the mission of the organization in the communities we serve. We also receive local, state, and federal grant funding to help sustain the organization’s programming.


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