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It’s Time for the Media to Integrate the Race Beat

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from the Maynard Institute

If all-black marches were being held across the country with participants screaming racial epithets, spitting on elected officials and demanding their country back, it would be treated as a black issue and there would be countless stories about unrest in the African-American community.

For the sake of all of us struggling to understand how we have come to be a country so deeply divided, that same level of focus needs to be brought to bear now.

Just a year ago, there were those who proudly proclaimed ours to be a post-racial country. Today, it is doubtful you could find many people making that claim. But closing our eyes to the role race played isn’t going to make it go away. It just means we’re going to have less of an opportunity to understand it. Before we can get to that post-racial place, we have to admit that we are racial. Honest, open and respectful coverage that looks at race from everyone’s point of view is one of the best chances we have of getting there.

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For 30 years, the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education (MIJE) has helped the nation’s news media reflect America’s diversity in staffing, content and business operations. Through its professional development programs, the institute prepares managers for careers in both business — and news — sides of the journalism industry.

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April 20, 2010 at 12:35 pm

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