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“A Great Promise”: New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s inaugural speech

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New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu strikes Obama’s tenor in his inaugural, offering an inspiring speech for a city that can certainly use it — Vivre la Nouvelle-Orleans!

“{…}the historical narrative of disasters as catalysts of progress is being challenged on the shores of this nation and on our sacred soil. We now know that progress is not inevitable, nor certain.

It will not come on its own.

And it certainly will not come without a price. Every civilization that failed to learn the lessons of the past and failed to pay its dues properly owed has lost its place in history and will be swamped by times onward march. We cannot make that mistake. We will not turn away from our task and our time. We must change course. Change must come to this troubled yet beautiful, this impractical yet lovely, this gorgeous yet challenged place we call home.

But, change does not begin in the palace of the Pope, the halls of Congress, the rose petaled garden of the White House, or the marbled walls of a Wall Street boardroom. Change, real change, transformative change, enduring change comes from the streets. Change starts here. Change starts now. It is true that we have called this great Nation to do its part to rebuild our city.”

Hear the entire speech here.

Written by demon53

May 6, 2010 at 8:07 pm

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