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Point/Counterpoint: BP and the Obama Administration’s response to the Gulf oil spill

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Editorial comment:

How does one make sense of the news regarding the Gulf oil spill disaster and cleanup response efforts, and the ensuing damage to Louisiana’s coastline and economy?

It has become increasingly difficult to wade through the sundry sillinesses coimg from all sides of the political spectrum.  Comparisons of the Gulf oil spill to Hurricane Katrina (David Frum’s consideration is a rare, fair-minded examination from the political right on this issue, cancelling out the embarrassing Mike “Heckuva Job, Brownie” Brown’s accusation that the Obama Administration wanted this spill to occur) are asinine, if for no other reason that Hurricane Katrina was a force majeur and the oil spill disaster was a force petrole. 

On the other hand, the citations of the spill as evidence that any and all offshore drilling should cease or be halted significantly, mostly by the political left’s pointing of accusatory fingers at companies like BP, Transocean, and Halliburton, ignore larger issues like the lack of government regulation, the efficiency of the federal government’s response, and the larger issues of American energy independence and renewable sources of energy.

So how does one go about making sense of news coming from competing news sources, media outlets desperate for “bleeding leads” to satiate the 24-hour news hole and gain readership/viewership, and politicians who have only seized upon this disaster as means to sop their constituents?

Unfortunately, this process is time-consuming, sometimes debilitatingly frustrating, and for all too many people, pointless.  I encourage all readers to fight through this frustration and continue to seek the truth, impossible though it may seem. Go beyond corporate news sources and check out the “hidden trancripts” on the web, such as independent writers, reporters, and bloggers online.  Weigh each piece of information against the next you encounter, and when you find sources of information that are reliable, independent, measured, and not prone to corporate masters or desperate for political gain, return to them in the future.  And by all means, share these sources with your family and friends, an dI will commit to identifying these sources and sharing them with our readers. One thing that we can all agree on is that these are dire times for the oil industry, Louisiana’s coastline environment and dependent economies, and clinging to political differences and letting our differences die hard will do nothing to solve these problems.

William Broussard, Editor – The Real Views Online

Written by demon53

May 9, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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  1. I have a sinking feeling that this oil disaster is being downplayed and may be much larger than we think. I wanted to know just how much oil was flowing into the ocean from that broken pipeline (in both barrels and in gallons) so I did some research on my own.

    Barrels vs. Gallons

    Most news articles claim that since April 21, 2010 roughly 4 million gallons of sweet crude have been leaked into the Gulf at a rate of 210,000 gallons per day. But according to an Associated Press article just posted today (What went wrong at oil rig? A lot), approximately 4,000,000 barrels have already spilled into the Gulf. When you convert those barrels into gallons, you end up with a whopping 168,000,000 gallons of oil: that’s a difference of 164,000,000 gallons from the previous estimate!

    (Don’t believe me? Read the articles and convert the measurements for yourself.)

    The Destructionist

    May 12, 2010 at 10:27 pm

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