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Today’s Headlines: Louisiana News 5/14/10

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1) First-time claims for benefits from the newly unemployed dropped a bit last week in Louisiana from the ShreveportTimes

The Louisiana Workforce Commission says there were 4,480 initial filings for the week ending May 8, down from the previous week’s total of 4,574. For the comparable week ending May 9, 2009, there were 5,531 first-time claims.

There were 56,577 additional weeks of benefits claimed last week by those still looking for work — down slightly from the previous week’s 56,857. For the comparable week of 2009, there were 48,651 additional benefit weeks.

2) Congressman Wants To Know How Much Oil Is Leaking Into Gulf from

Representative Edward Markey of Massachusetts wants to know how much oil is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico and how BP officials arrived at their estimate of 5,000 barrels or 210 gallons per day.

Markey, a Democrat who is chairman of a House subcommittee on energy and the environment, says he fears the flow has been underestimated. He is asking federal officials for more information about the methods used to determine the size of the leak.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that a Purdue University professor who has analyzed the thirty second video of oil spewing from the damaged pipe is estimating that 70,000 barrels of oil may be leaking each day.

3) La. bill opposes Obama health-care revamp from the Baton Rouge Advocate

The Louisiana House on Thursday rebelled against President Barack Obama’s health-care revamp, asserting that the state’s residents should not be required to purchase health insurance as the federal law mandates.

Voting 60-15, the House advanced legislation that supporters say would protect the rights of state residents to decide whether they want to buy and maintain health insurance.

Twenty-eight of 103 representatives did not vote.

4) An Open Letter from Gov. Bobby Jindal re: Gulf Oil Disaster from

“We will continue to lean forward and do everything that we can to protect our coast from this oil spill. This spill has the potential to have a generational impact on our state and we will not sit and wait while our shoreline is threatened. That’s why we’re doing everything in our power to protect our beautiful state.”

5) Pres. Obama’s Legal Mentor on Nominee Elena Kagan from

CHARLES OGLETREE: I think Elena Kagan is a superb nominee. I started my teaching career at Harvard Law School in 1985, when she was a student there. I watched her work as an editor on the Harvard Law Review, and saw the phenomenal edits she did on a classic article by Professor Derrick Bell, the first African-American to receive tenure at Harvard Law School, that addressed civil rights in the Constitution. She was also able to get a new Chair in the name of Charles Hamilton Houston, the first African-American on the Harvard Law Review in 1922. Every aspect of her life — her push for diverse students and faculty, her being the first woman dean of Harvard Law School and the first woman Solicitor General — just reinforces my sense that President Obama picked someone who can meet challenges and exceed them.


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May 14, 2010 at 7:26 pm

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