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Time for the SCLC to be buried?

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Cynthia Tucker, award winning journalist, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

from the Atlanta Journal Constitution

WASHINGTON — The Southern Christian Leadership Conference —  founded in the late 1950s by black preacher-activists, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — is in crisis, its chairman and former treasurer suspected of funneling hundreds of thousands of the organization’s funds to their personal use. The scandal is a wrenching blow to a venerable organization already in disarray — frail, outdated and largely useless.

The Atlanta-based SCLC is another black institution that simply no longer serves a vital purpose. Like Black History Month, all-black public colleges and the Miss Black America pageant, the SCLC has been rendered obsolete by black assimilation into the American mainstream. Rather than making yet another futile effort to save a dying patient, its board and supporters should come together to hold a lively funeral for the organization.

The ceremony ought to be like those “home-going” funerals for the long-lived. After all, the SCLC did its job so well that it is no longer needed. When the organization was founded, black women who shopped at a mainstream department store in downtown Atlanta couldn’t try on dresses in its changing rooms. Now, black models and actresses are featured on the covers of fashion magazines.

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May 23, 2010 at 10:14 pm

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