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An open letter from LSU’s faculty senate president regarding the Board of Regents

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Dear Friends of Faculty Governance,

With the waning of the 2010 Louisiana Legislative session (scheduled to conclude next week), a great number of bills relating to higher education are coming under quick consideration.  One bill, HB1492, is of special concern.  This bill proposes to confer broad, indeed nearly unlimited authority on the Board of Regents to make changes, including the closure of institutions, without consent or collaboration from other regulatory or governing bodies. 

By transforming the Board of Regents into the equivalent of what had previously been called a “Superboard,” this bill threatens to move responsibility for educational institutions further away from faculty and to dilute a broad range of faculty rights, responsibilities, prerogatives, and duties. 

Additionally, this bill could transfer responsibility for defining campus missions to a Board accountable only to the governor.  If you are also concerned about this dangerous bill, please write either to your district legislators or to the Chairs of the Senate and House Education Committees, Senator Ben Nevers and Representative Austin Badon. 

If you would like to see an exemplary letter expatiating on this issue from a faculty point of view, please visit .  Thank you for your public service.

With best wishes,

Kevin L. Cope
Professor of English Literature and Member of the Program in Comparative Literature
President, LSU Faculty Senate


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June 17, 2010 at 4:11 am

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