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Your Vote Counts!

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By J.R. “Randy” Stelly

Let me start by saying I am registered as an Independent. And while the three persons I think are best for the jobs they are seeking happen to be De­mocrats, as far as I am con­cerned it is just a coincidence.

Let’s start with the senate race. Governor Bobby Jindal (a Republican I supported for Governor) didn’t endorse his fellow Republican David Vitter in the Senate election because 1 think the Governor, like me, knows that Vitter isn’t the best candidate to represent Louisiana.

We need Charlie Melancon to join Senator Mary Landrieu to make a stronger team for our state in Washington, D.C. We need all of our elected represen­tatives pulling together for our State’s best interest.

The same reasons apply for why we should send David Melville to the House of Repre­sentatives. Can you name one thing that John Fleming has done that has made a differencefor our district? 1 can’t! David Melville is more in touch with what we need in this congres­sional district since it is made up of mostly poor to middle class people. Dr. Fleming is an elitist who looks out for his own kind. He doesn’t have a clue of what people like us think and need in our communities.

Now for Lieutenant Gover­nor, the choice is clear. We can send another ‘good ole boy’ or we can make a fresh start for our future. I prefer the latter! A fresh start with a new identity! Our choice is Ms. Caroline Fayard. If you could have the opportu­nity to meet Ms. Fayard, as I a have on several occasions, you would know instantly that she is what is needed for Louisiana. She is intelligent, articulate and engaging, just what we need as an ambassador for our State.

Now none of these people, who would be better that what we have now, can make it if you don’t vote! If you agree with me than the most important thing for you to do is to vote! I will be cutting a trip to Oregon short so I can get back and par­ticipate in early voting, that starts on Tuesday, October 19, and try and get as many people as possible to the polls.

Hopefully,November 2,2010 will be the day that Louisiana sends a message that says don’t take us for granted. We are not a Red state! We are not a Blue state! We are a Purple state because that’s the color you get when you mix red and blue! Remember your vote counts! God Bless America!

Written by demon53

October 29, 2010 at 12:07 pm

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