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Stonewall residents to talk annexation

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Written by : Vickie Welborn 


STONEWALL — Stonewall residents are encouraged to have their say today as town leaders consider the possible extension of the corporate limits.

The Town Council meets at 6:30 p.m., and a portion of the meeting will be dedicated to a discussion about the annexation idea. “It’s costly to do; so if a bunch says no, then we won’t do it,” Mayor Charles Waldon said.

How far will it go?

Town officials are considering pushing the corporate limits from the Baker Road intersection at Highway 3276 to 288 feet east of the Interstate 49 overpass. That also would take in 600 feet to the north and south of the Highway 3276 centerline. Fifty-three landowners would be affected.

Explain the numbers

Waldon set on 288 feet because just beyond that sits multiple property owners and “we don’t want to take in all of that. One reason is because of the upkeep of the roads and police protection.”

The 600 feet boundary will put the homes, businesses and empty lots bordering Highway 3276 into the town. But it would mean whole subdivisions, such as Bakers Acres, would not be included.

Letters were sent to all residents of Bakers Acres notifying them of today’s meeting. “If a lot show up and want to be in town, then we’ll consider adding them,” Waldon said. “We don’t want to, but if they voice their concern that they want to because of the zoning and ordinances then we will.”

Why annex?

The main objective: “To keep the approach to Stonewall looking good,” Waldon said.

Stonewall has ordinances governing property development and appearance while the DeSoto Police Jury does not. And although Stonewall still has its rural feel, the mayor is concerned the rushed growth of the parish could open the door to a business setting up shop next to residential neighborhoods that would be unsightly or cause safety concerns.

“That will keep stuff out of there we don’t want. In other words when you come from I-49 you won’t see junk yards and such,” Waldon said. “We want people to see nice subdivisions or nice businesses or what it is now — woods.”

What else is in the works?

Waldon has contacted two engineering firms about feasibility of studying costs associated with the installation of a sewer system. “It may not be doable, but we want to see. That would be another advantage for the residents of Stonewall and those who would be added.”


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