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La. Tech-LSU mashup talk continues

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Written by
Icess Fernandez

From: Shreveport Times. Com


R.J. Jackson Louisiana Tech v LSU


With the move of the University of New Orleans to another system a done deal, the next college swap would put bulldogs next to tigers.

The latest idea floating around among the state’s higher education movers and shakers is to move Louisiana Tech University into the LSU System.

Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau said the university is happy to be part of the UL System and that a move to another system would have to be for the best interest of the school.

“As it pertains to recent discussions and commentary of a future move to the LSU System, it will be important for our university to determine and evaluate the significant value added to Louisiana Tech in making such a move,” he said.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that any realignment would be in the best long-term interests of our institution and its constituents.”

The idea, which has been floating around for decades, is fueled by the recent move of UNO into the University of Louisiana System, said Charles Zewe, LSU System vice president for communications.

Before UNO was moved, there was a study to merge it with Southern University in New Orleans and move it to the UL system. The study was a mandate from Gov. Bobby Jindal. The Legislature moved UNO to another university system.

However, in Shreveport, the thought of Louisiana Tech being in the LSU system is something that hits home.

Tech has a presence in Shreveport/Bossier City with an executive MBA program and an extension at Barksdale Air Force Base.

In 2009, Jim Wharton, president emeritus of LSU and a member of the Louisiana Postsecondary Education Review Commission at the time suggested an LSUS merger with Tech.

In the past, there have been proposals for LSUS, Tech and LSUHSC to work together. One of the efforts would have created a doctoral program in bioinformatics and computational biology and would have used the expertise of each school.

That effort has since been put on hold. As of now, with the traction gathering around this idea, some are worried that LSUS may morph into something else. That thought may be premature.

“No one has come to (John) Lomdardi (president of the LSU system) or the board,” Zewe said. “No one has made a move.”

Should the idea be furthered, the Louisiana Board of Regents would need to be involved. Meg Casper, associate commissioner for public affairs for the board of regents, said several steps would have to happen.

“Just like in the case of the New Orleans Regional Study, which included moving both UNO and SUNO into the UL System, moving Louisiana Tech to the LSU System would require a study by the Board of Regents with a recommendation to the Legislature followed by a two-third vote of approval by both the House and Senate during the next legislative session,” she said.


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June 23, 2011 at 1:24 pm

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