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The Real Views Online – Mission Statement

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Our Motto is Good Writing for Good Reading: We’re Here to Serve You 

Welcome to The Real Views, Natchitoches’ first online newspaper and news magazine.  We created in 2006 and now have a wordpress site developed in 2010, and we are continuing to serve the pleasure and interest of our readers.  Our hard copy newspaper has been around since 1996.  Randy Stelly, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor, pioneered the paper in Natchitoches and was joined by his partner, Carol Forsloff, in 2006. He has since been joined by Online Editor and Editorialist William Broussard, who has written for the magazine since 2008.

We have our online magazine which is updated regularly and hard copy newspaper/magazine which is published bi-monthly and available at different locations from Natchitoches to Alexandria.  We are presently in process of increasing the distribution of the hard copy paper/magazine beyond these areas.  There is some overlap of stories among the publications, however the E-zines contain longer, more complete and detailed stories as well as articles that may not be available in the hard copy editions.  

The goal of our publications is to provide a place for news and a forum for those who seek to communicate with others across religious, cultural and racial  groups.  Our goal is to reach everyone, particularly those who have not had been adequately heard.  On the local level we provide some local news and features around Central Louisiana, emphasizing  the Natchitoches to Alexandria region, but not to the exclusion of other sections of Louisiana, the region, and the nation.  

You can be part of our media community with its principal offices from Natchitoches, the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase.  Enjoy articles from a variety of sources with the goal of educating, informing and creating new levels of understanding and appreciation of human relationships.  Please interact through our comment sections and as always, send your feedback or requests for article/content you’d like to see to William Broussard, Online Editor, at

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March 13, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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  1. Well done. I am glad you got all the stories from Dernnis to put up. I had a hard time getting them regularly and appreciate the fact they are important, as I found myself having to write almost everything for many months because folks didn’t get the information to me in time and on a regular basis. Hopefully this will not be your problem as I could no longer spend the 30 to 40 hours weekly updating, writing, getting other writers outside the area and inside Natchitoches to round out the information since I couldn’t get it otherwise.

    Good work, however. I appreciate your acknowledgment and gallantry.

    Carol Forsloff

    March 20, 2010 at 2:37 am

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